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Our services

MOXIETECH builds industrial automation solutions. High-tech industrial automation involves more than electrical engineering, PLC programming and building applications - it’s a specialist’s job - and we’re more than good at it.

Maintaining these technical installations is important to ensure a good lifespan. A solid base in industrial automation is important. We are active on three integrated levels; PLC, SCADA and MES/IT.

We design and build complete solutions and guide you through your complete project. From design phase forward we combine our knowledge with your production experience. We work together with your company to find dynamic, innovative and economical solutions for automation processes.

Structured and professional planning is the first step to working solutions. MOXIETECH will deliver qualitative and reliable solutions. Our excellent support will ensure solutions for your needs for the future.

our support

What drives us are successful customers. That’s what we deliver, time and time again.

We are located in Flanders, Belgium but are active worldwide.