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Automation process


Optimized production processes will strengthen your market position. These processes need efficient and flexible production systems with the right level of automation.

MOXIETECH is experienced in food & beverage, (petro) chemical industry, energy and fast moving consumer goods. We’ll make your production process more efficient, safer, more flexible and more reliable.

Our experience is your guarantee for results.






Project definition

Listening is key in finding the right solution for automating processes.

Collecting information is the most important base to start building a solution. We listen, analyze and document. As soon as everything is documented we’ll start building a URD (User Requirement Document). This document describes (mostly in words) your exact demands. Formulating such a document requires technical knowledge and insight.

Defining projects - more of an art than a science - that’s what we’re good at.




After defining the project in a URD, a first version of the FDS (Functional Design Specification) is written.

This documentation describes how the system will work and react. It’s clearly a document that describes technical prerequisites and procedures for products, materials or services.

You’ll receive the final FDS after the project is finished.


Technological development and construction of products and systems (engineering)

As soon as the analysis is finished, we’ll start programming the process. In this phase of engineering, the electrical design and the software engineering are the most crucial aspects. We’ll develop the code needed to make your production systems work automatically. Building on Rockwell Automation & Siemens’ technology, MOXIETECH builds custom software. MOXIETECH also offers motion control-systems techniques for automating advanced packaging systems, pick and place automation, etc. Engineering, the flexible and reliable building blocks for automating business processes.



In a modern automation concept, visualization is important. Well planned projects are much easier to visualize, here we will benefit from the thorough planning that is done in previous phases.

MOXIETECH visualizes your project using SCADA. SCADA is used for both controlling and visualizing your project, it also collects data from the process. We have profound experience with Wonderware®, Rockwell Automation and Siemens’ software.

Often there is a need to collect or centralize data. The MES (Manufacturing Executing System) contains all specifications related to production (reports, QI, OEE, key performance, etc.). Data from the production process is collected, processed and analyzed. All factors that influence the production process and execution are controlled using MES. Every event is collected in a database from which the system can generate reports. We can integrate and connect the MES system with your ERP system.


Production process startup

Thanks to smart engineering and thorough planning we can ensure a fast startup. In this phase we’ll use Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to check the new process. These tests will be closely monitored and evaluated so we can adapt the process where needed. Possible problems will be solved and eradicated early.

After this phase we’ll start the SAT (Site Acceptance Test). Using the SAT document we’ll do final live testing (on location). After formal approval we’ll finish the complete automation system. MOXIETECH guarantees a thorough and safe production release!

MOXIETECH delivers full service: New or added innovations? MOXIETECH guarantees support and service after deployment.



We want happy and successful customers. Each project is assigned to one project manager, this ensures fast and professional help and support. We are always stand-by during startup so you’ll be able to count on us when something would go wrong. We deliver service, both during and after the project is released.

Your project is finished after you receive full documentation. You’ll receive the URD, FDS and a full manual.

You ask. MOXIETECH delivers